Clintonville Municipal Airport

AT A GLANCE CLINTONVILLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT WHAT: A city-owned, public-use airport WHERE: Southeast of Clintonville, a city in Waupaca County, Wisconsin WEBSITE: CLINTONVILLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER C lintonville Municipal Airport is a city- owned, public-use airport located one mile southeast of the central business district of Clintonville, a city in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Covering an area of 533 acres, the Airport has three runways: 14/32 is 4,599 by 75 feet with an asphalt surface; 4/22 is 3,812 by 75 feet with an asphalt surface; and 9/27 is 2,002 by 170 feet with a turf surface. The Airport is owned and managed by the City of Clintonville. The Airport got its start some years after the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, often known as just FWD, was founded in Clintonville in 1909 by Otto Zachow and William Besserdich. According to Mike McCord, a former Airport Manager and current Airport Consultant, the original four-wheel drive trucks developed and built by FWD, were an object of intense interest by the U.S. military and other private concerns, so much so, that the company decided to create a small landing strip in Clintonville for visiting representatives and dignitaries, interested in exploring the new