Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania

Waldinger: “In the retail sector, we are home to the Millcreek Mall – the 14th largest mall in the country. It’s a regional mall that anchors our one strong shopping district and serves not only northwestern Pennsylvania, but parts of Ohio and New York, and we also get substantial traffic from Ontario, Canada coming. There is no sales tax on clothing and food products in Pennsylvania, so that is a big driver. We see a lot of bus trips - shopping excursions from Canada that bypass Buffalo and New York and head here for that reason.” Morgan: “We are the home of Presque Isle State Park – the most visited state park in the country. About four million visitors a year come to see its amazing sunsets and enjoy some of the best beaches on Lake Erie. And we are home to Waldameer Park and Water World, the largest amusement park in the Tri-State area. It’s locally owned by the Nelson family and a great draw for daytrips throughout the region as a low-cost excursion for families. It’s really the Gateway to Presque Isle. So those are our two biggest destinations. Courtesy of Visit Erie Courtesy of Visit Erie