Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania

A community of choice for 55,000 residents and scores of thriving businesses, Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania had its roots as one of the original 16 townships of Erie County. Back in the day, families moved from the bayfront settlement of Erie and formed small hamlets, such as Federal Hill, Kearsarge, Marvintown, and Weigelville, which all became part of Millcreek Township. As the Erie settlement grew, first into a borough, then a city, it annexed more and more sections of the township. Ridge Road (U.S. Route 20) was laid west through Millcreek in 1805, and became a popular spot for taverns to locate. The Nicholson Tavern (built in 1836) is still owned by the family and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Township is a haven for both wildlife preservation and recreation. Presque Isle, a recurving sandspit peninsula that connects to the mainland in western Millcreek, was made a state park in 1921 and designated as a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service. The park is a delight for environmentalists - home to a bird sanctuary with over 150 different identified species. Just west of the entry into Presque Isle, a heavily forested area known as Hopkins Grove was purchased by the Erie Electric Motor Company in 1896 for development into an amusement park. Today, Waldameer is one of the oldest COMMUNIT Y OF CHOICE pictured Presque Isle Courtesy of DCNR