Truro, Nova Scotia

economic sustainability. Many we’ve already im- plemented, like the Civic Square and encouraging population density downtown. There was also a feasibility study on public transit and an energy audit on all our public buildings.We did some retrofits, a heat capture from one of our ice rinks to heat another building, and solar panel instal- lation. That plan is almost 10 years old and we’re currently updating it.” Mayor Mills acknowledges, “We would be re- miss if we didn’t mention our valuable relation- ship with Millbrook First Nations.When opportu- nities come up to attract businesses to the area, they join with the County, and Town of Truro, and write joint letters of support. They’re part of our Truro, Colchester, and Millbrook flood mitigation plan and a joint flood advisory committee. “Three years ago, we did a rebranding. The ex- ercise, including creation of our new motto ‘Make the Connection,’ was led internally through town staff and the community.We did it ourselves and had tremendous success. Today, we’re proud and excited to say, we’re not the same old, same old, Truro anymore.” municipal recreation area that has a huge moun- tain bike project underway. “We are in the process of developing some of the best trails in Nova Scotia and bringing in specialists from around the province to get involved,” says Dolter. “Victoria Park, built in the 1800s, is a key piece of that.” As for sustainability, Truro has a wastewater treatment facility built in partnership with Col- chester County, and a state-of-the-art landfill, along with composting and recycling facilities in Kemptown. According to Fox, “In 2010, we undertook a community sustainability plan that included several objectives involving cultural sustainability, environmental sustainability, and TRURO, NOVA SCOTIA 26 Lynds Dr, Upper Brookside, NS Phone: 902.895.1119 Fax: 902.897.0118 A lot has changed over the past 50 years, but our strong commitment to our clients remains the same. We are family owned and operated and since its for- mation in 1965, MacIntosh Landscaping has strived to provide the best possible service to our clients. We offer everything from the design process to the complete build, provide the aftercare required to maintain a stunning landscape and are passionate about helping our clients achieve their dreams. Your Landscaping Services Experts PREFERRED VENDORS n MacIntosh Landscaping & Trucking Limited