Truro, Nova Scotia

TRURO, NOVA SCOTIA MAKE THE CONNECTION K nown as the “Hub of Nova Scotia”, the ambitious Town of Truro is home to more than 12,000 residents, a thriving business community, and a wealth of public and entrepreneurial spirit. Recreation, tourism, natural beauty, and a prime central lo- cation, make Truro a popular, four-season desti- nation and a valued regional center and partner with its Colchester County and Millbrook First Nations neighbors. Truro Mayor, Bill Mills, reflects on his life-long career in local politics. “I’ve been in municipal government for 32 years –21 as Mayor. For me it was always about getting involved to serve the community. I guess it was an extension of my time on student council in high school. The saying is true: ‘If you do things you enjoy, you’ll never work another day in your life.’” Major achievements during the last coun- cil term, include a $184 million new hospital funded through a partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, our fellow municipalities with- in the region and Millbrook First Nation.When it opened, it was given the title “most modern