Long View RV Superstores

LONG VIEW RV SUPERSTORES PREFERRED VENDOR n Olenders Body Shop www.olenders.com installation, and its Parts and Accessories Department offers a wide supply of items which can be purchased onsite or bought online. Long View is also a member of the Priority RV Network, whose members include 135 dealerships across the Unit- ed States and parts of Canada. So, if one of Franks’ customers breaks down, say in Florida, they can pick up the phone, call his service department, and it will book an ap- pointment for them and hopefully, they will be in and out of the shop within a day. With over 30 years in the RV business, Frank Roberts has seen it all, and he remains decidedly optimistic about the future of the business he inherited from Fran and Shirley. “With no oil embar- gos, with no spike in interest rates, this business will keep growing,” he avers. “This is what people work hard for their whole lives. So that when they’re fin- ished working, they can retire and enjoy time with their families.” And Frank Roberts and his Long View RV Super- Stores family intend on helping those people get on their way. So, let the good times roll. For three generations, our family has been providing the people of North Central CT with high quality auto repairs. We specialize in RV collision repair. Regardless of the problem with your vehicle, we can help. Specializing in RV Collision Repair! www.olenders.com Visit us for more information: Contact us today: dave@olenders.com • 860-654-1715