White Township, Pennsylvania

9 CIVIL AND MUNICIPAL VOLUME 3, ISSUE 10 standpoint.” Currently, White Township is undergoing a comprehensive plan update. Anderson says that the plan begins with a list of the items from the 2008 comprehensive plan. “This was done,” he says, “not to pat ourselves on the back, but to highlight it at the beginning of the document. It shows the community that we have been active. That we take this plan seriously. That we continue to build and to grow our infrastructure and grow our communities. Once we highlighted those projects that were completed, this is the list of new items. We’ve always been a forward thinking community, looking toward progress. We want to provide favorable development conditions for land developers to come in. We want to expand our recreational footprint.” White Township is a Silver Certified Sustainable Community in Pennsylvania. It’s a performance recognition program that helps communities achieve sustainability goals, which then helps them to save money, conserve resources, and encourage innovation. “Over the next several years,” Anderson shares, “we want to strive for that gold.” With their penchant for planning, knack for building community, and heart for servicing their people, White Township will be gold in no time. PREFERRED VENDORS/ PARTNERS n Indiana University of Pennsylvania www.iup.edu n Stephenson Equipment, Inc. www.stephensonequipment.com n Indiana County Chamber of Commerce www.indianacountychamber.us