Turtle Bay Resort

7 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 10 the youth in the area. He emphasizes, “One thing that I think is the most important of all is making sure that students get an education. There’s a lot of great philanthropic things out there, taking care of people, taking care of Kupunas, our elders, taking care of different healthcare issues and all that stuff. But making sure that students learn something and are educated can really go a long way for helping out the community. So that’s the thing we put a lot of time and effort into.” As for what is next for the newly transformed Turtle Bay Resort, Donovan offers, “I think this could be one of the most relevant resorts in the state of Hawaii. The amount of space that we have here, the uniqueness of our coastline, the sensational stewards that we have here who do a fantastic job of being really authentic, that’s what’s helped us have such great feedback from our customers.” Moving forward he sees continued efforts to promote the extraordinary amenities of the resort, adding, “What we offer in terms of the water and the land is very unique to this state. As we continue to mature and continue to showcase those aspects to the visitors that come in, I just think this this resort has no place to go but up.” Fresh Flower Lei       ­  € ‚  ƒ„…† ‡ ‡ ˆ ˆ…‰ƒ„Š ƒ ƒ‹ƒŒŠ‹„„ Š Ž „ www.theorchidlei.com theorchidleicompany PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n The Orchid Lei Company www.theorchidlei.com