Vernon County, Wisconsin

million in fiber-optic technology over more than a decade, constructing over 2,120 miles of fiber- optic cable with plans to have fiber-optic to the homes of all of its members by 2021. As an economic driver, fiber optic technology is helping to grow our local businesses and support telecommuting and home-based enterprises. It was beneficial before and obviously a huge asset as we navigate through the pandemic. We were able to transition very easily for telehealth, at-home learning, and people working from home. And now, it’s something we tout: you can bring your big city job and come live in a remote, beautiful place. Even though we’re a rural county, we have all the modern features here to make it work. And I think that’s only going to increase in the future.” The communities in Vernon County are proud of their heritage: a legacy of land stewardship, a sense of community, a devotion to organic and innovative farming, a history of cooperative enterprises, a focus on entrepreneurial endeavors and small businesses, a dedication to green initiatives, and a centuries’ old spirit of working together. Indeed, most people who choose to make Vernon County their home are choosing a way of life and a set of values that include some of the most important things in life: fresh air, good local food, sustainable living, clean water, sunshine, safe communities, and access to unsurpassed outdoor recreation, culture, and natural beauty. Dollhausen sums it up thusly: “In Vernon County, we are redefining ‘Quality of Life.’” PREFERRED VENDOR n Kish & Sons Electric