Flagstaff, Arizona

PREFERRED VENDORS n Northern Arizona Healthcare www.NAHealth.com When moving forward with hip or knee replacement surgery, choose greater precision and leading-edge technology performed by the experts at Northern Arizona Healthcare Medical Group – Orthopedics; the first group to perform robotic arm assisted total knee, partial knee and total hip replacements with Stryker’s Mako System in northern Arizona. With Stryker’s remarkable technology, a balanced, perfectly aligned knee functions better in both the short and the long term. The robotic-assisted orthopedic surgery helps to diminish pain and ease the need for painkillers; as well as lead to faster recovery; less physical therapy; and a swifter return to all functional activities for patients. The demand for joint replacements is expected to rise in the next decade. Choose the surgery that is customized to your specific needs based on your specific diagnosis and anatomy at Northern Arizona Healthcare Medical Group – Orthopedics. n Joy Cone Company www.joycone.com safety, health, education, opportunities to be outside, opportunities to grow and to explore in so many ways. And that often supersedes the cost of being here.” With its diverse range of businesses, resources, education, and experiences, the City of Flagstaff is an inviting community full of beauty, and opportunity. Saltonstall acknowledges, “What the visitors really notice is that quality of place, more than anything. How friendly is it? Are people holding doors and saying hello? And you know, the answer to that is ‘yes.’” Flagstaff truly is a remarkable place, for residents and visitors alike.