Contra Costa County Airport

Freitas adds that Buchanan Airport was recently selected to receive a $3.1 million FAA grant for upgrades to its security systems. “That will start in 2021,” he says. “And then, the next big project after the terminal in 2022, we will start the Airport Master Plan. Every ten years, the FAA asks for an upgraded Master Plan. We spent just shy of four years working on the last one. It will cover what new development will look like, things like runway configuration, etc. It will be a significant process for us.” PREFERRED VENDORS n Ghilotti Bros., Inc. Ghilotti Bros., Inc is a San Francisco Bay Area based general engineering firm. For the last 106 years, we have excelled at exceeding the expectations of our clients, especially on performance driven project like the Buchanan Airfield Runway Repaving Project. Thank you to our partners at Buchanan Airport and Contra Costa County for helping us to complete this award-winning project. n Hodge Flight Services, LLC