Cibolo, Texas

ibolo, Texas T he City of Cibolo is located in the extreme western corner of Guadalupe County in south-central Texas, approximately 13 miles northeast of San Antonio, and 15 miles southwest of New Braunfels, with frontage on both Interstate Highway 35, and IH-10. Before the first European settlers arrived, the Comanche, as well as several other Native American tribes, lived in the area, and the name Cibolo means “buffalo.” The modern story of the city began in 1876, when the Southern Pacific Railroad cut through present day Cibolo, connecting it with other larger cities such as Houston and San Antonio. The fertile land and the flowing Cibolo Creek in the Cibolo Valley provided ideal conditions for a boom in agriculture, and for several decades, cotton was the area’s major cash crop, followed by corn, wheat, oats, and milo maize, or sorghum. Today, the small city of approximately 31,000 is moving away from its traditional character as a mere bedroom community of the San Antonio/ New Braunfels Metropolitan Statistical Area, SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY