Sira Naturals

S I RA NATURALS buds are not just reported to the state but also to local police, and that there are strict and swift punishments for that; but also in what they call the ‘seed to sale’ tracking and control systems for the products that we produce. “It sometimes leaves me scratching my head at the technology that we put into just ensuring that every last gram of cannabis product that we produce, we are able to track not only from seed to harvest in the cultivation process, but from harvest all the way through the downstream manufacturing processes. Each time a batch is moved from one room to another, that batch is tracked and weighed. Each time it’s broken into a sub-batch in order to go into production for a certain product, that sub-batch is weighed and given a new bar code tab - all the way through to the end of the process where every single item is given a bar code. So, at the point of sale, we can take a package of cannabis-infused brownies, for example, and take that bar code and have an audit trail that takes it all the way back to the pictured Leah and Sieah Samura of 612 Studios, posing with their infused personal lubricant product, Purient pictured A glimpse into Sira’s Cambridge Dispensary