Lake Havasu City Airport

“We also have a lot of land here for expansion,” Anderson adds. “We are sitting on over 600 acres and probably have another 40 or 50 that are ready for development. That includes a lot of land outside the fence, designated for non-aeronautical use, and we are trying to get some businesses interested so we can capitalize on that. For example, there are a lot of businesses in the area that store boats, but there is always more need for that because space is hard to find. So, we are thinking of building a storage business outside of the fence just to house boats and different things like that for our GA community.” “It is a great place to come to,” Anderson concludes. “We have the room for expansion and, as I say, most everything here is based on tourism. We get a lot of snowbirds coming down and it is a great haven for that. We also have a nice long runway with a 100,000-pound, single wheel- weight capacity. It was built for some very large aircraft and so we can accommodate pretty much everyone. Then there is also the fact that it is a very nice Airport and we have lots of support through the city and community to bring it up to a better operational status and to continue to develop and make it an enjoyable place for everyone.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Lake Havasu City