The Buck Company

be ground, and the automatic grinders will help eliminate the need to manual grind a casting” BVM: Does the company support any “green” or sustainable initiatives? Kundratic: “Recycling is at the core of our business. For example, Buck buys scrap steel and melts it into iron to make our castings, the foundation of all our products. We routinely participate in power reduction programs to minimize our electricity footprint.” BVM: Why would someone want to work for Buck Company? Kundratic: “The employee experience is just as much a part of our continuous improvement as are our production processes. Recent improvements have focused on air quality, ambient temperature, and new lighting, all to create a more comfortable and productive environment for our employees. We welcome employee input into our processes. Buck shares the mission, vision, and values of our parent company, The Dixon Group. Among these is a commitment to promoting the six pillars of character: respect, responsibility, caring, citizenship, trustworthiness, and fairness.” PREFERRED VENDORS n C.H. Reed n John Bridge Sons