The Buck Company

THE BUCK COMPANY Casting solutions since 1951 O ver the 65 years, Buck Company, a foundry located in Quarryville in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has offered a unique experience for customers of both ferrous and non- ferrous sand castings. Sited on 54 acres of land with 220,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Buck’s 300 employees serve 400+ customers in 41 states and Canada. Recently, Business View Magazine spoke with Executive Vice President, Jim Kundratic, and Senior Vice President of Operations, Denny Basham, to learn more about the company’s operations. The following is an edited transcript of that conversation. BVM: Can you talk about the history of the Buck Company? Kundratic: “Dixon Group purchased Buck Iron, a small malleable iron foundry, in 1951. At the time, the foundry produced light and medium-weight malleable iron castings until a non-ferrous foundry was added in 1953. This expanded the product lines to include brass, bronze, and aluminum used for marine and other market sectors. That gave us two foundries under one roof. “In 1970, we added grey and ductile iron castings to compliment the successful malleable product lines. Automated molding lines were adopted