Sustainable Maryland

Sustainable Maryland BY RHIANNON JACOBSEN Vice President of Market Transformation and Development H ow do you develop an article on American Sustainability? First, let’s discuss the concept of sustainability. Sustain- ability in its simplest form is the objective of “maintaining change in a balanced fashion.” This shouldn’t be divisive; this isn’t a debate on buzz words that can be ar- gued; it’s about maintenance in an ever-chang- ing world. So how do we start this conversation? On a national scale, there are partners from whomwe can get input.The EPA can discuss na- tional initiatives, or the U.S. Green Building Council can review strategic projects (both of whom have contributed to the American Sustainability series), but where does that leave you? Whether you’re a mayor of top tier American city, a Public Works Manager for a village, or a community member who’s sick of seeing Styro- foam cups on the street - what does Sustainabil- ity mean to you AND what can you do about it? When sustainability falls short it isn’t about passion or debate, it’s in the execution. Just like an entrepreneur looking at an open office RHIANNON JACOBSEN VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKET TRANSFORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT SUCCESS IN SUSTAINABILITY