Reese Tower Services

AT A GLANCE REESE TOWER SERVICES WHAT: A provider of mapping and inspection services to the tower and poles industries WHERE: Drums, Pennsylvania WEBSITE: www.reese Services SERVING THE INDUSTRY’S NEEDS R eese Tower Services (RTS), based in Drums, Pennsylvania, specializes in providing comprehensive mapping and inspection services to the tower and pole industries, and their communications, sports lighting, electric utility, high mast lighting, traffic, and wind energy assets, whose structural integrity is constantly under attack by the elements, corrosion, and fatigue. These assets include steel poles, which are freestanding structures varying in height to 250 feet, and which have been utilized as support structures in the communications, utility, sports lighting, and transportation industries for over a half century; self-support towers, which are used extensively in the communications industry, and can vary to 500 feet in height; guyed towers, which are used by the communications and broadcast industries, and can be some of the largest struc- tures in the world at heights up to 2,000 feet; roof-top structures