Innegra Technologies

smaller racing circuits.We are looking at how the product has been used in the automotive race circuit and asking is this something we can take to any of the consumer transportation sectors.” As Innegra continues to learn more about its products’ attributes, educating its end users, as well as the weaving companies that fabricate its yarns into different reinforcement structures –woven, knit, braided–depending on need, is a main focus of the company. “We spend time with end users,” Hanna explains, “even though they’re not our direct customers.We will go to the product developers and help educate them on Innegra, since the fiber is still relatively new.We, as a company offer our support in the design and engineering work–any kind of support that theymight need to be able to work with a newmaterial, figure out what the benefits are, and how best to use it, so that we can reduce their time in trial and error.We also have relationships with the supply chain and educate and support them to get the word out about the materi- al and what it can do. “We do some strategic trade shows; we do some conferences and forums; we look at different op- portunities for areas where we can display, or speak, and take those opportunities to educate people. There’s a learning curve involved in using any new material. Innegra has a lot of versatility and benefits, and can fit in a lot of different applications.” Even though Innegra is a small company, it manages to have a global footprint because of its worldwide network of weavers. “Let’s say we have INNEGRA TECHNOLOGIES Zippercord LLC is a precision twister of fiber for many mostly technical applications. We’ve been supplying the trade for over 50 years with a diverse selections of products and services. We currently offer single and multi-end twisting, cabling, and coatings. Zippercord can either commission twist your yarn or provide you with a complete package. Our extensive experience allows us to process aramids, nylon, polyester, HMPE, polypropylene, spun yarns, and many other fibers. We’re currently servicing the hose, belt, round sling, braid, cable, twine, composite, firefighting, military, and many other industries. Phone: (610) 797-6564 • Email: Zippercord has equipment in place to run small quantities especially for development projects. We embrace the challenges R&D projects often bring and encourage companies to contact us with their needs for new technologies. Please connect with us if you’re looking for a solution. 20-40 weavers across the globe, and they have sales forces that are actually selling the woven goods. If we have a good rapport with their sales teams, it expands our reach,” Hanna states. Going forward, Hanna wants to continue ex- ploring the possibilities of hybrid fiber tech- nology. “Hybridizing is something that recently has become a more acceptable development,” she says. “In the past, a product may be made with all glass or all carbon, instead of looking at hybridizing with a material that could provide different benefits. Innegra does not provide the same properties that carbon does, or glass. But combining them together, you get the best of both worlds. Innegra is something that we want companies to add to their toolbox when they’re thinking about solving problems or improving their product - delivering a lighter weight, better performing, tougher product for their customers. It’s a very unique fiber; Innegra brings a lot of value to different products, depending on what that product is and what you want its functions to be.” Cates says that Innegra will continue to ex- plore new markets. “We’re looking at what we can do with Innegra fiber in the thermoplastic manufacturing process. Another would be the textile world.We’ll look to grow those types of markets, because we do believe there are oppor- tunities there for strategic partnerships.We are well-funded and we continue to grow; we’re go- ing to spend the money that we need to in order to reach different corners of the world.” PREFERRED VENDOR n Zippercord LLC