Innegra Technologies

I nnegra Technologies, headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, is an advanced materials company that delivers innovative high performance fibers which improve the performance of composite and textile applications. Innegra’s initial product, Innegra S, an olefin-based, multifilament fiber, was first devel- oped in 2004 by a company called Innegrity LCC, with commercial production beginning in 2009. “There was an innovator who had developed this yarn technol- ogy and had gotten to a pilot scale manufacturing, and was in the process of trying to raise a substantial amount of money in the economic downturn, and ran out of funds,” recounts Elizabeth Cates, Vice President of Research and Development. A local investment group, Circle Creek Holdings, purchased the assets of the previous company in 2011, and renamed it Innegra Technologies; produc- tion resumed in 2012. Cates continues, “When we HIGH PERFORMANCE FIBER InnegraTechnologies AT A GLANCE INNEGRA TECHNOLOGIES WHAT: A manufacturer of high performance fibers WHERE: Greenville, South Carolina WEBSITE: