The Canadian Institute of Forestry

4 5 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 9, ISSUE 11 The Canadian Institute of Forestry T he Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF-IFC) has served as the national voice of forest practitioners in Canada since 1908, making it the oldest not-for-profit forest organization in the country. The CIF-IFC represents a diverse group of people with interest in forests and forestry including (but not limited to) foresters, forest technologists and technicians, ecologists, biologists, and educators. The CIF-IFC is proud to be an interdisciplinary and inclusive organization, with 1,300 members from 18 Regional Sections across Canada and one International Section. Executive Director Mark Pearson, explains, “Our Sections are the backbone of the CIF-IFC. They give us a strong local and regional network and presence. Our national office in Mattawa, Ontario works closely with our Sections to support their local initiatives.” The Institute offers three different types of memberships: active, student and retired. Members are dedicated to supporting sustainable forestry and offer the expertise needed to ensure Canada’s forests are vibrant, healthy and sustainable. Communication with members is done through a quarterly membership e-newsletter, bi-monthly membership magazine “The Leader”, e-notices, website posts, social media, and “The Forestry Chronicle”– the Institute’s scientific and professional journal since 1925. Each year, they also host a National Conference and Annual General Meeting which provides opportunities for networking and engagement. AT A GLANCE CANADIAN INSTITUTE OF FORESTRY (CIF-IFC) WHAT: A not-for-profit, member-based organization serving as the voice of forestry practitioners WHERE: Mattawa, Ontario WEBSITE: INSPIRING CONFIDENCE & PRIDE