Association of Florida Community Developers

ASSOCIATIONOF FL COMMUNITY DEVELO Smart growth for the future B ased in Tallahassee, the Association of Florida Community Developers (AFCD) is made up of the major community developers in Florida. Chartered in 1984 as a not-for-profit corporation by 7 of state’s top land developers, membership has grown to include planners, engineers, environmental specialists, financial experts, attorneys, other associate members. The association’s mission statement is broad and bold: to provide a leadership role in the creation of quality community development and the formulation of a responsible approach to the planning and development of Florida’s future. In that regard, AFCD is committed to working with Florida’s government leaders to meet the challenges of growth and seize opportunities for economic development to put Florida foremost in the United States. Business View recently spoke with Lance Pierce, Executive Director of AFCD, for updates on this vital association and his insights into the state of the industry at present and the future outlook. AT A GLANCE ASSOCIATION OF FLORIDA COMMUNITY DEVELOPERS WHAT: A member-based organization committed to quality community development in Florida WHERE: Based in Tallahassee, Florida WEBSITE: