American Council on Exercise

• Professional Contributions and Industry Leadership and Collaboration: ACE continues to support the fitness industry, and the members of the public it serves, in a number of ways. First, the organization works to attract professionals to the industry and then supports them as they empower the public in reaching their physical-activity and behavior-change goals. This is accomplished through collaboration with organizations like IHRSA, the Women in Fitness Association, the American Medical Association, and the Y of the USA. Second, ACE works to strengthen its credibility by collaborating with like-minded organizations, including the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Roundtable on Obesity Solutions. And third, ACE and its ambassadors frequently serve as subject matter experts for major news outlets and publications, including U.S News & World Report, Forbes Magazine and The Washington Post. In Conclusion ACE’s mission statement is simply to “Get People Moving”. This objective can be approached in a number of ways, and ACE has long held fast to the belief that there is great value in both working on a grassroots level to impact individual members of the general public, as well as in taking a top-down approach by influencing public policy and leading public health initiatives. What the past 18 months have taught us all is the value of being able to pivot and reach our customers in innovative ways, and that holds true for not only the American Council on Exercise but also its tens of thousands of certified professionals around the world.