BF Joy

BF JOY Underground infrastructure. Under control. B F Joy, LLC, a veteran-owned, small business specializing in the installation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure for the public and private sectors, has been a part of the makeup of Washington D.C. and surrounding areas since 1917. The company was founded by Bernard Frank Joy who used to haul wood, coal, ice and feed to D.C. homes via horse- drawn wagons, as well as topsoil from the Joy family farm to some of Washington’s monuments, street medians, and park grounds. “We started as a storefront in Washington, DC.,” says Company President & CEO, Melissa Koehler, the first non-family member to run the family-owned, fourth-generation firm. “If you were to map this on Google, it would be near the shortstop at the Washington Nationals baseball stadium. From there, we began renting trucks to the local public utility company. And shortly thereafter, we AT A GLANCE BF JOY LLC WHAT: A supplier of gas and power distribution services WHERE: Prince George’s County, Maryland WEBSITE: