Ramsey & Walker, LLC

RAMSEY & WALKER , LLC level of service provided by the company because all the processes are done in-house. “There are a lot of people in the same market we’re in but we feel like our lead is so much further ahead,” says Ramsey. “Our goal has been if someone is in the market for a new house they’re going to buy it from Ramsey & Walker, no question. And if Ramsey & Walker doesn’t have any inventory, then they can go elsewhere. I think we’ve been able to solidify that. We’ve done some print advertising and billboards this year, and we’re rebranding our website, but other than that we don’t need a lot of marketing because word of mouth is our bread and butter; that’s what’s going to continue to propel us in the future.” Team mentality is prevalent in all aspects of the company. Every employee has been a subcontractor before, so they know the subcontractors’ goals and they can see from a perspective that general contractors don’t have, which makes the process much more efficient. That extends to the Ramsey & Walker office, as well. “On the real estate