Ramsey & Walker, LLC

RAMSEY & WALKER, LLC Building the customer experience R amsey & Walker’s mission is to be the most respected home builder in the Navarre, Florida area by providing superior service, fostering successful relationships, and building beautiful new construction homes that offer custom quality at a production price. Word of mouth in the local real estate market has earned them status as a preferred builder, where satisfied customers tell their friends, and they tell their friends, that Ramsey & Walker are simply the best. Teamwork is at the heart of every project – from conception, to construction, to financing, to final sale – because building the finest customer experience is what this exceptional company is all about. Ramsey & Walker CEO, Brett Ramsey, speaks candidly about the business he founded and the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven the company’s success. Sharing the backstory, he recalls, “I founded the company in 2012. I was working for my stepfather, Darrell Walker, at the time. He owned a commercial construction company and after I graduated college, I went to work for him as an estimator and project manager. I told him I wanted to build houses when I got out on my own. And he said, ‘That’s a great idea, I’d love to join you.’ That wasn’t originally the plan, but it worked out really well. The first full year in business, we built six or seven houses and Darrell stayed on board until the end of 2018, when he retired.”