ZRS Management, LLC

ZRS Management, LLC RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN W ith extensive experience in man- aging quality garden-style apart- ments, urban mixed-use projects, “fractured” condominium projects, and luxury, high-rise buildings, ZRS Manage- ment, LLC is one of the most highly respected, third-party management companies in the Unites States. Founded in 1991, to manage high-quality, multi-family investments, ZRS spun off from its original company in 2010. “What we found was an opportunity to take our institutional experience and knowledge as a captive management company, which is what we were before 2010, and expand into a fully third-party business, taking the mindset of adding value to the properties with a focus on best-in-class resident relationships,” explains company Vice President, Darren Pierce. “We are a people business,” Pierce continues. “We are focused on people’s homes and making sure that they have the best place to live and creating the best customer service environ- ment for them, because, at the end of the day, it’s not just an apartment, it’s a home.We’re very focused on our resident relationships in the events that we host; we want to make sure that they’re creating connections within the com- munity.We found that when people create the