Dosecann Inc.

wellness channels.” BVM: How do you see the cannabis industry evolving, and what are the priorities and objec- tives for Dosecann in the future? Boone: “Post-legalization in Canada, a slow rollout is expected– at first, there will be similar restrictions to those already in place for alcohol possession and consumption. I think we wouldn’t expand south of the border until it becomes more federally legal in the United States. That being said, we definitely have plans to grow, given that we have access to a two-acre plot directly beside our Charlottetown facility for expansion. And we’re currently designing and constructing phase two of our existing building to accommodate the new wave of products that will, hopefully, be allowed for sale under the regulatory system. I absolutely see us having an opportunity to ex- port to other countries that are legally allowed to import cannabis products. “Prince Edward Island is an amazing place. We’re very grateful for the immense amount of support from local and provincial government DOSECANN INC. Environmentally Friendly Supercritical Fluid CO2 Extraction AESI offers the most efficient and most advanced cGMP, fully automated supercritical fluid CO2 botanical extraction systems for legal marijuana and hemp industries globally. AESI offers clients an environmentally friendly, Sub- and Supercritical CO2 extraction systems which allows for tuneable operating conditions for gentle and thorough extraction and fractionation of cannabis extracts. Clean & Green! Systems ranging from 30L to 400L (and beyond) we assist with everything from dried plant material, to purified oil. AESI is the one stop shop providing the industry’s best solutions! 54 Hillstrom Avenue, Charlottetown, PE, C1E 2C6, Canada 1-877-396-8801 PREFERRED VENDORS n Advanced Extraction Systems and Equipment n Belmont Associates Inc. n Fitzgerald and Snow bodies; we wouldn’t be here without the PEI Bio Alliance offering us research opportu- nities. There is a wealth of directly-related talent located in this area and it’s important to us that we’re creating jobs in the commu- nity.We’re committed to creating careers.” Heating, AC and installation Gavan Gill Inc. Proud partners of Dosecann