Dosecann Inc.

DOSECANN INC. in Canada and on the global stage. Boone be- came interested in the legalization of marijuana five years ago and has been working on building Dosecann, full-time, for the past two years. The following is an edited transcript of that conversa- tion. BVM: What is the current role of Dosecann in Canada’s cannabis industry? Boone: “Dosecann is not a cultivator.We do not physically grow the plants.We are a large-scale licensed dealer, rather than a licensed producer (LP), and that allows us to, essentially, bring in cannabis, and do research and product develop- ment.We are an extraction company; we take the cannabis in, we extract it (turn it into oil) and then formulate it into different products.When you see LPs selling varieties of cannabis oils and capsules, those are the types of products we will manufacture and sell. “We just received our Dealer License in August, which was a major milestone. Initially, we will uti- lize the Auxly platform of wholly-owned LPs that we have buy agreements with to ship the can- nabis to our facility in Prince Edward Island, and that’s where we’ll turn it into oil. Before you bring in product, you have to clear it with Health Cana- da, show them who it’s coming from, that they’re licensed, that they have a Certificate of Analysis, etc..We’ll order large amounts of cannabis –30 to 50 kilograms at a time – and have the ability to process dried flower and the trim of the flower. We’ll break it down into categories for the med- ical market, and also recreational products. As it looks now, items such as edibles would come on line in 2019 and beyond.” BVM: What does October 17mean for companies like Dosecann that have been ‘ready to go’ for some time? Boone: “We have been manufacturing product, but we’re limited to developing products that fit into the regulatory network–dried cannabis flowers and oils mixed with a carrier oil.The next evolution is to have products like edibles.We’ll do the product development work with buyers to start standardiz- ing and looking at value-added products that will come to the market at a later date.The trend from a consumption perspective is certainly that the med- ical user prefers to buy oils or capsules versus the dried flower. Dosecann is the product development arm for those value-added cannabis products. “As of October 17th, all Canadian cannabis li- censes will fall under the Cannabis Act, and we will endeavor to turn our current Dealer License into a Processor License.There will be cultivators that will growand also process,wewill be a large-scale R&D, processing and product development facility.Once we fall into that category of licensing,we’ll be able to ship into the distribution market and also to the medical patient, directly. It’s very exciting.” BVM: What was the thought when you reno- vated and outfitted a 42,000-sq.-ft. building in Charlottetown, long before the full legalization of cannabis in Canada?