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software to ours out there, and property manage- ment software companies, but they don’t actually engineer or deliver any of the improvements indi- cated by the data.There are also engineering firms focused on energyefficiency that will do an energy studyand give recommendations.But many don’t im- plement the work.We do the whole package.That’s a real differentiator and a breath of fresh air for our clients.We give a turnkey approach,where we give recommendations, a real cost, and we implement the project. “We have four crews working primarily in NYC to install solar panels, batteries, and co-generation systems on existing buildings.We also work with developers on new multi-tenant buildings. In those situations, we’re part of the design team. There’s an architect, an engineer, a developer, and we play the sustainability role.The LEED compo- nents is part of what we do on the team.We also work to incorporate renewables into the design, for example, the amount of shade impacts where you can put the solar panels.That design team role has become a growing part of our business with all the new construction in the New York area.” BVM: What is the future goal for Bright Power? Perlman: “We’ve been growing quite rapidly. The big challenge is making sure we have good structures in place to deliver the quality of work that people have come to expect from us as we continue to scale, and that we can support more managers, engineers, and staff. There are a lot of promising trends in the marketplace; solar prices have come down in many states and the economics look good. I’m really excited that the word is getting out there that energy usage impacts the financial performance, and therefore the value, of real estate. Government-sponsored enterpris- es (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now have green retrofit programs that provide better terms on mortgages for properties that are refinancing and making energy efficiency improvements. “Our goal is tomake it easier for companies that own andmanage real estate to have buildings that are energyefficient and comfortable,using as clean energy and as littlewater as possible.We’re always looking for ways to incorporate creative financing for energy upgrades and unifyour analysis,engineering,and construction services,so our customers can engage and get evenmore real value fromour Bright Power services.” BRIGHT POWER, INC. PREFERRED VENDOR n Dataprise