Bright Power, Inc.

POWER, INC. INTELLIGENCE-DRIVEN ENERGY MANAGEMENT B right Power, Inc. provides energy management services ranging from energy bench- marking and auditing to resiliency solutions and energy procurement. Founded in 2004, this intelligence-driven firm serves building owners and managers throughout the U.S. from its headquarters in New York City, and a second office in Oakland, Cali- fornia. Putting a tangible solution to the theoretical problem of climate change is the mission that propels Bright Power forward and has landed it on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in 2018. Bright Power began by delivering energy improvement projects but kept running into gaps where money, time, and resources were being wasted–despite everyone’s best intentions. In the process of solving these problems, a unique company was created with deep expertise in every dimension of energymanagement, gaining recognition as “go-to”green building specialists. AT A GLANCE BRIGHT POWER, INC. WHAT: I ntelligent energy management solutions WHERE: New York, NY WEBSITE: