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It opened in 1970, in Portage, on the southern tip of
Lake Michigan. Home to 30 companies, it is one of the
most modern of all the Great Lakes ports. Burns Harbor
handles international ships, large lake vessels and river
The Port of Indiana-Mount Vernon opened for business in
1976 on the banks of the Ohio River. Today, Mount Ver-
non is home to the seventh largest inland port district in
the country. The port moves more cargo by water and
rail than any other port in the state. Bulk cargoes such as
grain, ethanol, DDGs, coal, fertilizer, cement, minerals,
and project cargoes are shipped by port companies to
and from 20 countries and 44 states. The port contains
1,200 acres of land and has 600 acres available for de-
velopment, including a 500-acre mega site connected to
the Ohio River and five Class I railroads.
The Port of Indiana-Jeffersonville began operations in
1985. It is located on the northern bank of the Ohio Riv-
er, across from Louisville, Kentucky. With 1,057 acres of
The Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor
handles more than 500 barges annually
moving cargo between Lake Michigan,
the Chicago Area Waterway and Inland
Waterways System.
The Port of Indiana-Burns
Harbor handled 55 beer fer-
mentation tanks in 2014 and
2015 for Michigan and Illinois
craft breweries.
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