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6 BUSINESS VIEW MAGAZINE VOLUME 10, ISSUE 5 active role in helping to grow the company and are easily able to see the value that it offers. At DVL employees are shareholders within the trust that owns the company after three years of joining the company. From there, teams are empowered to solve issues. They experience a flat management structure that gives all employee owners the ability to make decisions that are best for the company’s current and long-term goals. According to Magee, “that entrepreneurship feeling is amazing to see and work in every day. There is no red tape, and our team members experience instant gratification.” DVL employees are keenly aware of what they are spending as owners and thus are more attuned to the financials, and the role their position plays in that. Additionally, employee- owners are rewarded for their positive actions. PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Jet Electrical Testing, LLC www.jetelectricaltesting.com JET Electrical Testing, LLC is a Certified WBE and NETA Accredited Company offering 24/7 full service testing. Our company specializes in commissioning, preventative maintenance, equipment repair, apparatus testing, and emergency response/troubleshooting. Electrical system reliability is our goal. Have an emergency? Call 6 0 9 . 2 8 5 . 2 8 0 0 n M&T Bank www.mtb.com They can receive quarterly bonuses based on actions that positively impact company earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization (EBITA) figures, so they don’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy the financial benefits of the ESOP. On top of that, all employees are eligible for not just a fully funded retirement plan as employee-owners, but for a 401K plan with a 50 percent match up to a certain percentage, Magee says. Most associates have more funds in their ESOP retirement account than their 401K, but both options give employee- owners a sense of financial independence. These reasons and more are why DVL has been certified as a great workplace by independent analysts at the Great Place to Work® Institute for six consecutive years, and why the company was named ESOP Company of the Year in 2018,2021, and 23 by the Pennsylvania/ Delaware Chapter of the ESOP Association. The prestigious Great Place to Work® award is based entirely on what current associates say about their experience working at DVL. This year, 92 percent of associates reported that DVL is a great place to work – 35 points higher than the average U.S. company.