The Rural Municipality of St Clements, Manitoba

, MANITOBA S t Clements, Manitoba is a rural municipality located north east of Winnipeg with a population of around 11,000. The main industrial focus of the region is light industrial, heavy manufacturing, and agricultural with the addition of healthcare, public administration, and education. Manitoba Hydro, an electric power and natural gas utility, is one of the larger employers in the region along with Gerdau Steel in Selkirk. Steeped in history, Lockport is one of the communities in the RM that has a rich heritage in the region and is connected over the Red River to the Rural Municipality of St. Andrews. East Selkirk is the other large community presence in the RM, along with a significant First Nations community – the Brokenhead 4 Indian reserve that is almost surrounded by St. Clements. When it comes to the local economy, a key driver for economic growth and income in the region is “ T H E P L A C E T O B E ”