Manassas Regional Airport

T he year was 1930 and the city council in Manassas, Virginia, a community of some 1,200 people, thought it was high time they got on board with the idea of building an airport. Within a year, a group of investors purchased almost 95 acres of land and leased it to the city – the first Manassas airport was opened on June 8, 1932. In 1945, the city purchased the airport outright and continued to operate from that location until 1963. By this time, the boundaries of Manassas had seen housing engulf the airport region, and it was decided to move it further out. With combined federal, state, and local funds, 268 acres were purchased and the Manassas Regional Airport opened September 20, 1964 – complete with a single 3700’ x 100’ paved runway, a rotating beacon, maintenance hangar, office, and 30 T-Hangars. Over time, the airport continued to evolve. Additional land was purchased and many improvements were implemented. In 1997, a new 5700’ parallel runway, 16L/34R, and Taxiway Bravo were constructed. In the years to follow, ramp areas, perimeter and access roadways, and the main terminal building were all built on AT A GLANCE MANASSAS REGIONAL AIRPORT WHAT: Progressive general aviation airport WHERE: Manassas, Virginia WEBSITE: MANASSAS Regional Airport S E L F - S U F F I C I E N T A N D S O A R I N G