Cimcon Lighting

CIMCON Lighting’s foundation is built on a 30+ year history of creating industrial controls for oil and gas companies, water treatment facilities and more. Originally a division of CIMCON Software, the company recognized that you could add a significant amount of value if you put something more intelligent on top of existing street lighting fixtures. In the years that have followed, this idea has evolved from control sensors to manage energy usage to something potentially much more revolutionary. Bob Flaherty, Senior Vice President at CIMCON, and Heidi Sporel, Director of Marketing, recently spoke with Business View about the company’s plans to continue innovating, and the methods it employs to engage with its current and prospective customers. Flaherty recounts, “The evolution of urban street lighting actually began when cities started to upgrade to LED fixtures from high-pressure sodium lighting, as these have a longer life, are more reliable and use less energy. The “intelligence” of these light fixtures could then be increased further by installing our intelligent controller on top of the streetlight pole. The intelligent lighting controls allow cities and utilities to implement flexible dimming schedules, monitor the health of the streetlight, further reduce energy usage, and enable a more proactive or pre-emptive maintenance model.” Offering an example of how CIMCON’s smart AT A GLANCE CIMCON LIGHTING WHAT: A leading provider of smart streetlights and smart city platforms WHERE: Burlington, Massachusetts WEBSITE: