Columbia Nutritional

C olumbia Nutritional is a full-service custom, contract manufacturing company that is focused on the formulation and production of dietary supplements in the form of hard-shell capsules, tablets and powder drink mixes. According to its CEO, Ned Becker, “The company was formed in 1998, by a couple of smaller, family companies that were based in Vancouver, Washington. They cut their teeth working with small, independent, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and alternative medicine professionals to develop nutritional supplement products for their specific clients and specific functional needs. The Pacific Northwest is kind of a hotbed for alternative medicinal practitioners, given that Bastyr University is in the Seattle area and many of those graduates come out and open up their own clinics to serve patients in the area. So, natural products and alternative medicines are very popular here because of that.” “Columbia was acquired about six years ago by a private group of investors who bought out the families that originally owned the company, and added some more production experience to grow the business,” Becker continues. “That private investor group is still actively involved to continue the AT A GLANCE COLUMBIA NUTRITIONAL WHAT: A full-service custom, contract manufacturing services company WHERE: Vancouver, Washington WEBSITE: