Rea Magnet Wire

Its largest was the 2006 acquisition of Phelps Dodge MagnetWire Company,with themanufacturing loca- tions in FortWayne andMonterey. Recently,BusinessViewMagazine spokewith Rea MagnetWire representatives EricBilinski (Director of Customer Experience),Lew Tutton (Corporate Environ- mental Director),and Brian Bolinger (Director of Corpo- rateHealth&Safety) about the importance of safetyand sustainability in this dynam- ic company.The following is an edited transcript of that conversation: BVM: Who is your typical customer? Bilinski: “The beautyof themagnet wire industry we’re in is that we’re not dependent on one sector. If you lookat our business profile,our two largest markets are the electricmotor market and the power transformer industry,which have a diverse number of applications Our wire can be found in smaller,dry-type transformers for home or commercial industrial ap- plications,all thewayup to large distribution or power transformers responsible for distributing electricity throughout a nation.On the motor side,our wire is pres- ent in small motor appli- cations,such as residential appliances,HVACsystems,ceiling fans,and power tools, withwire applications ranging up to large commercial industrial motors and generator systems as well as REA MAGNETWIRE applications for power generation. “We’re also aTier I andTier II supplier of magnet wire for providingwire to automotive applications,as well as electromechanical markets,which use unin- sulatedmagnet wire for welding or metal forming purposes.Everythingwe do has an element of custom manufacturing,becausewe’remanufacturing to each customer’s unique specification.” BVM: What sets your companyapart fromcompeti- tors? Bilinski: “Safety is at the forefront of what we do.It starts everymeet- ing and is rooted in our culture.In addition,we are constantly innovat- ing.We are launching newproducts annually, andwe place the customer at the center of what we do.We are focusing our initiatives aroundwhat we call the‘threeTs’–Trust,Transparency,Teamwork.It’s that mindset that we use to approach everyproblemwe encounter.” BVM: Howdo you promote safetyon the job? Bolinger: “Safety is a core value at ReaMagnetWire. We recognize that everyemployee is responsible for their own safetyand because of that we have a culture at Rea that empowers all.You’ll find our exec- utive team–starting with the ownership and the Board of Directors– drives the expectation that all injuries are pre- ventable.The important aspect of that is putting