Fernandina Beach Airport

T he Fernandina BeachMunicipal Airport is a publicuse airport owned and operated by the Cityof Fernandina Beach,Florida.It serves the general aviation (GA) needs of the Cityof Fernandina Beach,Amelia Island,Nassau County,the northern portion of Duval County,south- eastern Georgia,and the GAcommunity,as awhole. TheAirport sits on approximately850 acres of land, and is roughly threemiles south of the city’s historic downtown,less than twomiles fromAmelia Island’s beaches,hotels,and resort accommodations,and ap- proximately27miles northeast of Jacksonville Interna- tional Airport,for which it serves as a general aviation reliever facility. “The airfieldwas originallydeveloped duringWorld War II as a training base for the U.S.Navy,”saysAirport Manager,Nate Coyle.“At the time,theywere flying an aircraft called an F4UCorsair.Some years later,around 1947,they transferred the ownership to the Cityof Fer- nandina Beach,and the cityhas owned it since.One of the benefits of being a surplusmilitaryairfield is that theydeveloped the infrastructure here,substantially. THE FERNANDINA BEACH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT A COMMUNITY ASSET THE FERNANDINA BEACH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT AT A GLANCE THE FERNANDINA BEACH MUNICIPAL AIRPORT WHAT: A city-owned, regional airport WHERE: Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida WEBSITE: www.fbfl.us/168/Airport-Information In fact, the Airport has always been utilized as a community asset, regu- larly providing property for commu- nity and other events. In addition, the Airport provides 26 acres of land used by the City Parks and Recreation Department; the Amelia River golf course and portions of the city golf course are located on Airport proper- ty, and the Airport contractually pro- vides land for a dog park.