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trackage throughout the island. When you combine
these portions, you have the physical route network of
the Long Island Railroad.”
According to Victor, in terms of the type of freight traffic
it handles, the NYA is “reflective of what one would as-
sociate with New York City and Long Island,” he says.
“We consume goods. So what comes in are things that
people consume – products ranging from flour, to rice,
to beer; construction products, ranging from aggre-
gate, to sand, to re-bar, to brick, lumber, drywall, and
so forth. And, if you add all of that up, that’s about 50
percent of our traffic. And then there’s a small percent-
age of some propane and bio-diesel.
“The outbound side of the business is what New York
City produces, which is largely some kind of recyclable
product or waste stream of one kind or another. We
carry things to the consumer and from the consumer.
And from the consumer is going to be steel scrap and
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