Pryor Field Regional Airport

ASPHALT MAINTENANCE 434-634-2111 AIRPORT STRIPING • WATERBLASTING CRACK FILLING • HOT POUR & MASTIC SEAL COATS & REJUVENATOR 20103 GOVERNOR HARRISON PARKWAY FREEMAN, VA 23856 and local entities is something Foutz plans to continue prioritizing throughout his tenure at Pryor Field. The airport recently hosted the Athens Mayor’s Youth Commission, a program that engages high school students from the Alabama city in civic and volunteer endeavors. “We were able to host them, really show off our airport capabilities, and feature a lot of STEM careers,” Foutz recalls. “And focus obviously on aviation but highlighting that there are other careers in the industry than just being a pilot. I’m lucky to have a great tenant base with our military officers all the way up to the corporate executives that volunteered their time to share their experiences with the community and the role Pryor Field plays in it.” The airport is also happy to extend a little southern hospitality to potential new businesses. When people meet with the economic development associations of Limestone and Morgan counties, it’s not uncommon for them to not only fly in and out of Pryor Field but PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n Calhoun Community College n Limestone County Economic Development Association | n Remac Inc. also utilize the airport’s boardroom to debrief. Understanding the potential development opportunities that lie ahead for the area will be a key part of the future at Pryor Field. “I think that master plan coming out is really going to help us focus that vision,” says Foutz. We’ve got a lot of opportunity at this airport. Infrastructure that’s ready to be tapped and developed, whether it be a payroll tax to pivot even more corporations to bring aircraft here, separate cargo facilities where we can handle larger aircraft — really the possibilities are endless. I firmly believe Pryor Field will continue to be what we call, ‘the gateway to the Tennessee Valley’ and we should continue to service our constituents at very high levels.”