Foxborough, Massachusetts

Despite being home to one of the top NFL teams, Foxborough is actually quite a small town. It’s population has hovered at 17,000 since 2000 – and that is by design. Only 25 percent of the Town has access to a sewer system, which limits the amount of residential growth potential. “When other communities were looking to add sewer systems throughout their communities, Foxborough took a much more strategic approach,” says Duncan. “We have certain areas in Town that have the sewer infrastructure and those are the areas that support our new growth. However, in other areas where access to sewer is limited, the community has made it abundantly clear that they are not looking to attract throngs of people to those areas of Town. This has helped to preserve Foxborough’s small town character.” Looking to the future, Keegan says, “We need to start thinking about what the future is going to look like for Foxborough and we need to continue to work with our elected officials and community partners so that we can help develop solutions that will best meet the needs of our next generation.” PREFERRED VENDOR/ PARTNER n Altus Dental Town Commons - Courtesy of Amanda Smith