Central, Louisiana

the past couple of years, BREC constructed the Central Sports Park, which has eight baseball fields currently being turfed so there is future potential for baseball tournaments to be held in the city. Several parks are also being revitalized with new equipment and even new fishing ponds. Thinking ahead to the future, Barrow is firm on continuing all the improvements currently being done in the city. Goals numbers one and two are continual maintenance on the roadways and refining the city’s development code. But always top of mind with any decisions going forward will be that the residents want Central to remain a rural suburb. “At the same time they also want commercial development to satisfy their needs,” says Barrow. “It’s about getting the right balance – maintaining the rural suburb but still having commercial amenities for our citizens. That’s what people want out here so that will always be key.” TRADE IS PROUD TO CALL THE CITY OF CENTRAL HOME WWW.TRADECONSTRUCTION.COM Fabrication | Construction | Material Management PREFERRED VENDORS/ PARTNERS n Oak Point Fresh Market https://www.oakpointmarket.com/ n Trade Construction Company, LLC Tradeconstruction.com