Sedona Airport

the line services or Red Rock Aviation portion of our business. A lot of young people are looking at the industry right now. We just need someone to spark their inspiration and help them see the possibilities, so I am happy that we get to foster and perhaps mentor them in their future aviation careers.” Red Rock Aviation has a staff of eight, and Rose has been instrumental in helping them to do all the training and certification they need to rise in the ranks and be fully qualified for all exigencies. That begins with the N80A safety certification, and then on up through airport safety operations specialist and then on to the advanced courses. Any employee who shows interest is given the opportunity to better their training, and in so doing, the professional standard of the airport rises as well. The overall vision is for a better airport that offers top-notch facilities not only for the local flyers but for anyone who would like to make Sedona their vacation destination. From the airport, you can literally see everything, and figuratively find a way to see even more. The Sedona Airport is well on its way to modernization and there is no stopping them now. SEDONA A I RPORT