The Evans Adhesive Corporation

PREFERRED VENDORS n Premier Container Despite considerable advances in cleaning technologies in the last decade, the industry seeks partners that can provide reliable, high-quality services and the kind of customer service that ensures their needs are not only met, but exceeded. Get to know Premier: Premier Container is raising the bar on the IBC reconditioning industry with an unparalleled commitment to the details. Not only does Premier offer the most advanced processing technologies, equipment, and training, but with decades of collective experience, its leadership team delivers the quality and attention to service that competitors simply cannot meet. Knowing turn-around time is critical, Premier delivers high-quality servicing and promptly returns totes to ensure customers maximize their performance. Looking for the kind of quality and service you’ve been lacking? See if Premier is the right partner for your needs. Services include: Premier Container Cleaning: Cleaning and Repair of Poly and Asset (Steel) totes, DOT & UN Recertification's Nitric Acid Stainless Steel Drums & Tanks Sales: Reconditioned, New Bottle IBC Tote Sales, Stainless Steel Totes, Drums, Pails, Jerrycans, Wood Pallets Rental of Stainless Steel Totes Fabrication Services: Complete with certified welders to design/fabricate/repair any tanks, parts, and accessories. n Superior Tote Solutions Summitville, IN 46070 765-536-8088 YOUR SOURCE FOR: • 275/330 GALLON TOTES (NEW & RECONDITIONED) • STATE OF THE ART TOTE WASH SYSTEM • IBC COLLECTION SERVICE Providing Superior Quality Totes