The Adhesive & Sealant Council

of our objectives and staff to support further what our members told us that they want to see more of, or in some cases, less of. So, we are continually measuring and evaluating what we do and where we have our resources aligned.” BVM: What items are currently on the top of your agenda? Allmond: “There are so many advancements and technologies and innovations in the markets where our products are used, so at the top of our agenda is ensuring that we are providing the technical service and training that members look to us to provide to stay on top of, or in some cases, stay ahead of, those market advancements. Our industry is looked to as a solutions provider and you need that technical expertise in order to know how you can move your product forward. So, really, the top of our agenda is growing our technical offerings and ensuring that we are utilized, from a membership standpoint, as a solutions provider.” BVM: Any important points that you would want to make sure our readers remember? Allmond: “Being in business for 60 years, I think I’d like for readers to understand that, like the industry that we represent, the ASC continually innovates. We do that to ensure that we’re a reliable solutions provider for companies that believe in a strong future for our industry and believe that we are an essential partner in achieving that vision. We place a premium on remaining highly relevant and an essential part of our members’ success.” pictured left ASC Grow the Industry Program pictured The ASC Innovation Awards