The Adhesive & Sealant Council

regulations, or delivering educational or technical or networking opportunities. Members know that they can rely on the ASC as the one source for all of their needs on an ongoing basis.” BVM: How do you communicate with your members? Allmond: “We communicate with our membership about our activities, our achievements, our educational opportunities in a variety of ways. Most effectively, of course, is directly, when we pull the industry together at conferences and meetings. We communicate how we can work together better when we’re face to face. Then, there are all the other ways that we communicate: print, email, social media. And of course, we’ve got a robust committee structure where our members come together multiple times a year. We don’t have a magazine – not one that we publish. There is an industry magazine, and periodically, we do provide articles or guest editorials.” BVM: How big is the ASC staff and what are their main priorities? Allmond: “We are a mean and lean staff of seven and our areas of responsibility are aligned with our members’ interests - for example: technical services, regulatory affairs, member services, meetings and events. The main objective for every staff member is to continually deliver value to members, every time a member connects with us. That’s our primary objective, every day, and we align our resources to where our members tell us. They look to us to deliver value. “We do make changes when our members’ interests or priorities in the ASC shift. Every two to three years, we go through a long-range planning process, where we will survey our membership, and test and validate some assumptions about ASC to make sure they’re still the same interests that were in place, previously. And, when necessary, based on that input, we align or, in some cases, realign our investments in human or technological resources to achieve our overall objective. We just went through a long-range planning process, last year, so this year is the first year of a three- year, long-range plan and we did realign some THE ADHES I VE AND SEALANT COUNC I L pictured A snapshot of the ASC Long Range 2020