Logan-Cache Airport

L ogan-Cache Airport is a small, public-use, general aviation airport, three miles north- west of Logan City in Cache County, Utah. The airport was originally developed on farm land purchased by the joint partnership of Logan City and Cache County in the early 1940s, to establish a pilot training facility prior to World War II. “It started out with dirt runways,” says Airport Manager, Lee Ivie, “and eventually had three paved runways, with the typical runway configuration that the military used. At the present time, we have two active runways, as one runway was closed around 1980.” “In 2000, the main runway, 17/35, was extended; prior to that, it was a 5,000-foot runway, now it’s over 9,000 feet long,” Ivie continues. “In 2016, our cross wind runway, 10/28, was repaved. In 2005, we installed an ILS (Instrument Landing System) approach system at the north end of runway 17/35, to assist pilots with landing at the airport in adverse weather conditions. In the winter time,we have a lot of fog and some of the corporate jets were not able to come into the airport without this ILS system.” LOGAN-CACHE AIRPORT A GENERAL AVIATION AIRPORT LOGAN-CACHE Airport AT A GLANCE LOGAN-CACHE AIRPORT WHAT: A small, public-use, general aviation airport WHERE: Three miles northwest of Logan in Cache County, Utah WEBSITE: www.logan-cacheairport.org