Cobourg, Ontario

COBOURG, ONTARIO ONTARIO’S FEEL GOOD TOWN H ugging the northern shore of Lake Ontario, the Town of Cobourg exudes the feel good vibes of a charming little community, while sitting only an hour’s drive from the bustling cities of Toronto to the west and Kingston to the east. A prime location on the Highway 401 corridor and the VIA Rail passenger line makes this innovative community appealing to businesses, as well as a haven for its growing population of 18,500 to put down roots. Mayor Gil Brocanier just finished seven years as Mayor of Cobourg, and four years as Deputy Mayor prior to that. “The Deputy Mayor in Co- bourg is responsible for the budget,” Brocanier reflects, “ so, my whole career in office has been focused on economic development. It’s something I have a passion for and is very much needed. We’ve worked very hard over the years to attract new business and support existing businesses, and we’ve done that in many ways. Our business AT A GLANCE COBOURG, ONTARIO WHAT: A Lake Ontario waterfront town, population 18,500 WHERE: Midway between Toronto and Kingston, Ontario WEBSITE: