Bracebridge, Ontario

is near lakes with incredibly beautiful terrain and scenic vistas and the ability to jump into the water anytime you want. But at the same time, we’re a thriving economic hub community for the region and we’re two hours away from Toronto and all the amenities that it has to offer.” Mattice: “I echo what the Mayor said. In eco- nomic development, we’re dealing with a lot of industrial and commercial investment and we try to bring new businesses to town. But, I always say you can provide the land, you can provide the labor force, but what do you have to offer your employees after hours? And I think the Mayor summed it up.We have the amenities that businesses like, because a happy employee is a productive employee. And to know that after work you can go home and take advantage of the 1,600 lakes that are located in Muskoka, or jump in the river, or go for a hike on one of our beauti- ful trails, or bike or drive through the community. We even have people that take their boats to work in the summer.” Smith: “Even though a lot of people come here for a lot of different reasons, we know that the growth of the economy is what is going to sustain our community in the long run and so we’ve done our very best to shape our policies and programs ENJOY LAID-BACK LIVING IN MUSKOKA. HOMES FROM $424,990 MATTAMYHOMES.COM PREFERRED VENDOR n Mattamy Homes BRACEBRIDGE, ONTARIO around attracting business and being a welcom- ing and open community for business. And we look forward to the opportunity to talk to any- body who feels that Bracebridge may be the right fit for them.”